Q: Who is your typical client?

A: Many of our clients are just like us. Generation X and Y individuals and families, focused on being financially responsible, while working towards accumulating wealth and building their dream financial future. 

Q: How do I determine a financial advisor's competency?

A: It’s best to look for specific certifications and licenses that relate to the services you desire. Look for experience and make sure they are providing customized advice that fits your unique needs.

Q: What if I don't have much to invest right now?

A:  That’s ok! We understand that not everyone is going to have a big nest egg, especially as you’re getting started in life. We have no account minimums and are able to come up with a plan for you and start working to start saving right away.

Q: How do I know I can trust your firm?

A:  Trust is always best earned over time. We look to begin building this trust from our initial consult by providing total transparency. Talk with us, ask tough questions, review our references and see where it goes. Trust is difficult, but necessary in our business.


Q: What is the cost for me?

A:  We offer an initial 30-minute consultation that is completely free. After that, it will depend on your circumstances, needs and future services, which will all be covered in our initial consult.

Q: Do you work virtually?

A:  Yes, we are able to work with anyone, regardless of location. We have multiple different tools we can utilize, which hopefully one of them will fit your needs.

Q: How do you make money?

A:  We are a fee-only firm, I know, what does that mean though? We do not receive sales commissions, referral fees or other compensation like advisors at other places like the national brokerages. We choose to become an Independent Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) so we didn’t have to worry about any conflicts of interest or a motivation to sell you a mutual fund with a big commission. Instead, we are able to develop a plan that is always in your best interest and work alongside you.

Q: What makes you different?

A:  We don’t want to be your parent’s financial advisor. We’re here for you to help you along your way throughout the year. We like to utilize the latest in technology to provide real-time information that’s useful to you on a daily and weekly basis; not just a quarterly or annual one. Our goal is to provide financial advice by not just telling you what to do, but being someone that can provide all the necessary tools and education to make sure you reach your goals!