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We know that filing your taxes every year is not always on the top of your to-do list, unfortunately it has to be done, that's where we can help! We'll take care of the hard work so you don't have to spend you're Saturday preparing them yourself.  See why using Wilson Financial for your tax preparation services can help you!


Minimal Time Commitment For you: An initial meeting needs to be set up with you to review your tax background and current year information. Once everything is completed we'll meet to discuss your return with you and get your approval before filing. It's as easy as that, giving you time to do the things you love instead of your taxes.

Returns within 3 business days: Once our initial planning meeting is done, we'll get your taxes prepared and ready for you within three business days. 

Secure Document Submission: We use a software called Intuit Link to send you an electronic version of the tax documents and questions we have for you. Intuit Link provides a secure portal to scan and upload your documents electronically. You don't even need a scanner, you can take pictures of your documents from your phone or tablet and upload them directly. There is also a message board for any additional questions or comments you may have while uploading.

Virtual Meetings: We know you are busy and it can be hard to find time to meet at our office in Appleton, WI. We now have our meetings through video chat or a web conference to find a time that fits in your schedule.

Professionally Prepared: Your tax return will always be prepared by a licensed CPA, not just someone that was trained to use tax software. We're available year-round so you can feel comfortable that if anything arises we'll be there to help. 


Our prices are set to be competitive and transparent to you by using a flat-rate scale (No surprise charges at the end for additional forms). On average our prices range from $100 - $300, typically much lower than the national tax chains. We will always provide you with a final price by the end of our initial planning meeting. A few of our more common tax returns that we prepare are listed below, we do offer many more complex services and returns as well.

Wondering about your tax refund? 

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