Are you paying extra taxes?

Now that another tax season has come to an end, we wanted to shift our focus to how Wilson Financial can help you minimize your taxes for next year.

Throughout tax season we noticed a far too common problem was occurring, too many people have investments that are not tax-efficient.

How does this impact you?

It could mean that you've been paying more taxes than necessary and the investment returns you thought you were getting may actually be lower than expected.This happens because many advisors don't consider the tax consequences of the investments they recommend. 

In many cases, this can cause additional taxes every year that you may not know about. When properly taken into consideration, these extra taxes erode your investment gains by up to 2% a year without you ever realizing it. Compounded every year, this can make a major difference when you're ready to retire.

What we're going to do...

Our goal for the upcoming year is making sure that your money is being invested Tax-Efficiently, so you can lower your tax bill for next year. What does this mean? In short, we will create an unique and diversified investment portfolio for you that will meet your specific needs, we won't just lump you into a predetermined investment plan.

In addition, unlike other advisors, we'll also make sure your investments are managed in a Tax-efficient manner, minimizing your future taxes. We can do this by making sure that you have proper Asset Allocation and Asset Location. We will also utilize a handful of other strategies such as tax-loss harvesting and charitable contribution planning, to make sure your investments annual return isn't being diminished by unnecessary taxes.

What makes Wilson Financial different?

We have an unique advantage over other CPA's and Investment Advisors. We have two interrelated specialities (Tax Planning and Investment Management) provided by one advisor. By combining the two, we're able to focus on creating REAL wealth for our clients and helping you secure your future!